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Good Citizens Forum is a movement by GETA Service Trust to promote good citizenship in its local area Chirala, at nation level in India and even beyond.

This is a movement.

The intent is to promote good citizenship.

To start, we will practice in and around Chirala.

Initial focus is on High School Students. Then, on to College Students. After a considerable demonstration, we intend to go onto general public.

First round of good citizenship promotion is by means of little PLEDGES. For example, a student will write and sign one-liners like these...

1. "I am a good citizen. I follow the queue wherever appropriate."
2. "I am a good citizen. I park my cycle in parking area only without causing inconvenience to others."
3. "I am a good citizen. I do not toil public places."

The idea is that by putting these simple thoughts in young minds, hoping at least a few PLEDGES sink in minds and hearts of these future citizens, we could look up to a more organized society.

We intend to have these little PLEDGES singed regularly, at least one in each month, by visiting schools and working with teachers actively.

Once a PLEDGE is signed, no details of the student taken, no monitoring, no periodic verification!

We just want to change the attitude by bringing these thoughts into these young minds.

The launch on August 15, 2014 was meant for 40 PLEDGES. But, reached 1000!!! We got enthused by the response.

We started with this thousand PLEDGES and look forward to over a lakh PLEDGES in a year! And, there by helping transform the deteriorating social values for better.

Bless us. Join hands. Together, we can.

Best regards,
Murali Krishna Valiveti
GETA Service Trust
Chirala, AP, India

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